Little Miss Sunshine

You can never go wrong with white toes and nude heels. There part of my summer uniform a bit (when I'm not in sneakers). I purchased these shoes about three years ago and I praise God that they are as comfortable as they are cute. 

Wrap Ting

The shadows on my face are upsetting but I really loved this outfit so I shall share these images anyway. My spring and summer uniform consists mostly of every variation of flowy white tees and white button down shirts possible. Orange isn't a color I typically wear but I really love wrap-style skirts and dresses (they are the most flattering for my shape) and I'm trying to force myself out of the humdrum of dark colors that I've lived in for the past several years. All in all, I think it came together very well. 

I Finally Tried Rent the Runway...

While I love celebrating marriages and supporting my friends and family in the process in any way possible, I really really hate purchasing clothes for weddings. I mean.. as a guest, its fine because you get to purchase whatever items fit your desire (and/or repurpose whatever you already own). But when you're in the bridal party? The dresses and shoes can get pricey and they're probably things you'll never wear again. I have far too many dresses that I will never wear again and can't be sold online; I'm over it.